Some days

Some days I can conquer the world. Other days it takes me 3 hours to convince myself to bathe.


To Expire

Written by Jacob Ibrag To expire every night. What a dream, to cease from existence. Matter married with the universe. Flowing within everything and all life. Time is an imagination created to measure our limitations. In this moment its all irrelevant. Just for eight hours a day, transcendence into endless black holes. Each morning sun met with virgin eyes. Lungs taking in […]

Deja Vu

Written by Jacob Ibrag The air stops flowing, and here comes another dose of reality in the form of heavy gravity pounding you to the concrete floor. Energy constantly seeping out of your body’s pores. Try to rise from the grave as countless dig you in deeper. You’ve been here before, with a different face and a different name. Deja Vu. Photography by Fran […]


Written by Jacob Ibrag I can’t help but that think that in some alternate universe, we’re making love under the fourth of July fireworks for the fifth time in the six years that we’ve known one another. Not a force to reckon with our collaboration. No obstacles to rip us  apart from each others embrace. You’re my religion, and I’m praying that I get to stay a little […]