Favorite Place to See Silver and Gold Product in Bali

Hello from Bali! Hope you have a good day. If talking about Bali is the island of thousand temples and the beautiful scenery nature and also the friendly people. Bali has unique thing can we explain when holiday in Bali especially in traditional village. Bali village and the unique tradition is the favorite thing by […]



Calming Nature

Squishing the sand between my toes, I smile. Closing my eyes, I listen. Raising my arms to stretch out by my side, I sigh. I am content out here, the cold water lapping rhythmically against my ankles. A strong wind whips at my clothes and hair, flaring the first and tangling the later. Leaves crinkling beneath […]


The beauty of the Kruger National Park

The Kruger National Park is located in the northern part of South Africa, going over into Mozambique.The park is a world heritage site and most of the species of animals could be seen in the park, what makes the park so amazing is the fact that all animals are left in their natural habitat. The […]


Why Ethics Should Centralise Around Nature

Call me a misanthrope, but there isn’t one ethics that is universally valid. The Golden Rule, in all its forms, has proven time and time again to be problematic. Even the principles laid down by Kant are tenuously justified, as he puts the cart before the horses at the earliest stages of his Groundworks in order to give […]


How Do We Know If We Need to Change Our Thinking?

Notes: Thou Shall Not Fool Thyself “Nature delights in punishing stupid people.” Emerson   Reflection: This one really got me because I never did take the time to reflect on the way that I thought about certain things but then when I did take the time, through reading different self development books and being in […]