Spring chicken salad with almonds

This is very healthy , fast and easy recipe ideal for hot summer days. It takes about 20 minutes to prepare . This dish is full of healthy ingredients and vitamins , and it’s ideal for athletes. You can also duplicate the recipe and put it into a fridge and eat it cold next day , […]



Breakfast cereal: healthy or unhealthy?

Why I think you should avoid it: Boxed cereal is the go-to breakfast for a lot of people as it is easy, convenient, and as most people are concerned “healthy”. Unfortunately most breakfast cereals (including granola) are not healthy. They are cleverly marketed with misleading labels such as “whole grain” and “low-fat” which make them […]


15 Breakfast Recipes That Will Make You Want to Skip Brunch

I have a love-hate relationship with brunch. On certain weekends, there’s nothing I’d rather do than settle into a booth at a scene-y Brooklyn restaurant and be served an overpriced, nap-inducing plate of deliciousness (and possibly a Bloody Mary). Other Saturdays and Sundays, though—especially during nice weather—I don’t really want to be stuck at a table for hours…


Lemon meringue parrot ice cream

Once upon thyme, and whilst eating a galaxy bar, far away (in Cornwall), where resides an Eclectus pet parrot, love looms large, bread pudding and lemon meringue pie are considered currency.        Said parrot is both treasured and ruined respectively and also placated as petulant human child. Though children don’t usually have […]