Resuscitation Revaluation

I used to think drama would resuscitate me. Seal the voids, saturate the silence and fill the empty spaces inside me. I thought a little fire would reignite my life. But after a while the fire started burning so hot, I wasn’t sure whether it was burning hot or turned to ice. My patience ran […]


wishing for wants & can’t haves

it’s how we eat dessert compartmentalizing the caramelizing without starving ourselves- biting off- little fantasies nibble on the edges putting them back- if something else looks more appealing or- constantly revisiting- the same piece because you like how it sounds crinkling in the folds- and the center unwrapping- lingers- in your hand- on delay when […]

Learn to reprogram your subconscious beliefs!

We are now in the second quarter of this new year…many of you started the year thrilled about your new year resolutions and great excitement for all the great things you planned to accomplish. But nothings changed it’s now May and you have yet to start working on your goals. Maybe you have started, but […]