Kylie Jenner and Tyga Have Reportedly Split (Again)

Getty Love can be a fickle, fickle thing. Sometimes it’s on. Sometimes it’s off. And sometimes your boyfriend’s ex becomes your brother’s fiancé and gets pregnant, and things get #weird. But the weirdest thing of all is that isn’t even the reported reason Kylie Jenner and Tyga have called it quits in perpetuity. Except…


Kim Kardashian addresses media misconception about her marriage and motherhood

Reality TV star and supermodel, Kim Kardashian has debunked several reports circulating in the media about her marriage situation with husband, Kanye West.Some media houses have constantly hinted at a crack in the marriage of the power-couple, reporting that all is not well between the pair and alleging they are heading towards divorce.
Speaking through her official website, the mother-of-two laughed off the claims as bogus. ‘I’ve definitely had my fair share of dramatic relationships. But honestly this is the most calm and it’s like ‘nope’ we are still together and we are happy so there’s really nothing to report on’, she wrote.
Kim further debunked claims she might be trying for a third child following the birth of son, Saint West, saying ‘My husband might be trying for a third child but I am not, so I don’t know maybe that’s kinda true but maybe not really true. If it happens it happens but I don’t think we are trying, so maybe it’s not true.’
The 35-year-old recently revealed she has had to stop breastfeeding Saint West, as her 2-year-old daughter, North West, gets jealous and throws a fuss every time she does.

Mathew Knowles responds to speculation that Beyonce’s new album Lemonade is about her marriage to Jay Z  

Beyonce’s father & former manager has responded to rumours that her new album Lemonade references her marriage to husband Jay Z or himself. Responding to her emotional visual album and speculation that it sheds light on allegations Jay Z cheated on her, Mathew told SiriusXM;

“There’s no way that we can get into the mind of Beyoncé. Only Beyoncé can answer who she specifically is talking to. I’d rather not get into speculation, so my answer is I don’t know. I can only speak of being a proud father.”
When asked about his opinion on speculation by fans that the album might actually be about him, Mathew whose marriage with Beyonce’s mother ended after 31 years, said:
“I’m 64 years old, do I really care what people say about me? I know the response you want to get. You’re not going to get that response.

Ariana Grande’s Time 100 Gala Dress Has Serious Tulle Game

Ariana Grande, Tonight Show princess, wore an elegant black Christian Siriano dress to the Time 100 Gala, and the tulle on this thing just does not quit. Here she is with her dog Toulouse, who seems to be climbing over layers of an excessively layered cake.
Ariana Grande looking glamorous at the #TIME100 Gala.

— Shady Music Facts (@musicnews_shade) April 27, 2016

Ariana performed “Leave Me Lonely” and “Dangerous Woman” — dedicating the latter to all the dangerous women in the room, reports Time. Here’s to that gesture — and to a dress with a seemingly endless (and potentially dangerous) train.

Chelsea Handler Wants Jimmy Fallon to Know the Truth About Periods

During her appearance on The Tonight Show Tuesday, Chelsea Handler dropped some important women’s health knowledge — menstruation is not fun.
The new Netflix queen told Jimmy Fallon that she peaced out of network television because she was in a bad mood all the time (or Aunt Flo just came and never left):
“I want to be in a good mood when I get to work every day, and I was so annoyed. I was like, ‘This is so stupid.’ I wanted to not be annoyed. I wanted to be grateful that I had this life … it was like I had my period all the time.”
And, in the hopes of garnering some empathy, she asks Jimmy, “Have you ever had your period? It’s not pretty.” Jimmy assures her he’s “still waiting.” Oh, what a fun little quip from a dude who can truly just never understand. But really, thanks, Chels. Educate.

ENTERTAINMENT NEWSNEWS   Flavour Signs Deal With Life Beer


Flavour Signs Deal With Life Beer – Singer Flavour N’abania has signed an endorsement deal with Life Continental Lager Beer.

Flavor Signs Deal With Life Beer

The Thankful singer, who is also a brand ambassador for Globacom, took to his Instagram page to announce the deal.

MUSIC: Timaya ft. Flavour –M.O.N.E.Y
Flavor, who has been touring recently, is currently in Mauritius for a performance. Check his posts out below!