The Effect. 

Cut d story short. Boil watet for tea, roll a blunt, smoked it n sipping my tea. 😊  the messed up room I ignored cleaning 😧 I start cleaning up everywhere, causing some noise, Telling myself: this is d room u refuse to clean, see urself now, I am cleaning it.. 😕😂.. A bit late at night.. 

    It doesn’t really makes u act crazy tho, Jst calm ur mind from certain things. Well I see it dat way, to avoid drama from friends, I  Jst try and make time for them. 😉 even if it little time, dnt worry it not going to take out ur pride or dignity 🙌🙏😂😂😂😂 (some Zee world shit Ops sorry) 

    Okay am done. Drop mic



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