Kim Kardashian addresses media misconception about her marriage and motherhood

Reality TV star and supermodel, Kim Kardashian has debunked several reports circulating in the media about her marriage situation with husband, Kanye West.Some media houses have constantly hinted at a crack in the marriage of the power-couple, reporting that all is not well between the pair and alleging they are heading towards divorce.
Speaking through her official website, the mother-of-two laughed off the claims as bogus. ‘I’ve definitely had my fair share of dramatic relationships. But honestly this is the most calm and it’s like ‘nope’ we are still together and we are happy so there’s really nothing to report on’, she wrote.
Kim further debunked claims she might be trying for a third child following the birth of son, Saint West, saying ‘My husband might be trying for a third child but I am not, so I don’t know maybe that’s kinda true but maybe not really true. If it happens it happens but I don’t think we are trying, so maybe it’s not true.’
The 35-year-old recently revealed she has had to stop breastfeeding Saint West, as her 2-year-old daughter, North West, gets jealous and throws a fuss every time she does.


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