I’ll Shine

Strangulating for realness, No love, but abhorrence ,a big mess. I’l flunk , my grievous nightmare, Incarcerated, what to share? Grubbing, words are small, If you exist, wheres your call? World is left with no hues, Grey dreams , salvation lies in blues. Cries of laughter are hidden, What i read is unwritten. “Falsity running […]



Current Thoughts

This isn’t cocaine rap. But I can flow like a well placed elbow. I get lost in words like birds who no longer have the assistance of earths magnetic fields. I fly over fields and oceanless oceans…I can’t even place a finger on my current thought pattern so I guess I’ll dominate, Saturn.


Bombardier bailout would be ‘slap in the face’ for Toronto because of streetcar delays: TTC chair

TTC Chair Josh Colle tried a new tactic in the city’s epic streetcar battle with Bombardier on Wednesday, linking stunning delays on the 204-car order to the prospect of a federal bailout for Bombardier’s struggling aerospace arm. Federal money would be a “slap in the face” for Toronto, Colle suggested, absent concrete and compelling guarantees.…